Improvements to Journals

We've made improvements to your Journal on Futureland, the place where you document the outputs of your Futureland projects. These improvements are simple, but they represent more clarity in how we are thinking about this »

Web publishing on Futureland

We're now starting to roll out updates that make it easier and more fun to push new outputs to your Futureland projects. It's also my last output in an experiment to see what would happen if I wrote some kind of code for 365 consecutive days. »

New experiments on Futureland

Futureland is a really useful way for me to develop new skills. I have used the process to teach myself how to make music and now how to code. But I have been wondering how I could use Futureland to complete other long term creative projects. »

New projects on Futureland

It's getting easier to start new projects on Futureland. Now anyone can start one by visiting, »