project: Parents

A few months ago, I decided to record as much my life as I could on audio as an experiment. I recorded many conversations with my wife - some were boring, heated, revealing. I recorded hours of conversations with my friends as well. Conversations in which they would tell me things that they found interesting, or how their days went, or sometimes they would tell me about how unhappy they are or how they were feeling lost. Most times I would tell people I was recording, sometimes on phone calls - I wouldn't.

During this process, I learned that listening to yourself can really suck. It was really tough listening to these recordings. Sometimes I would sound like an idiot, sometimes I wasn't being a good listener, other times I was selfish. Many times while listening back to a conversation with someone, I would realize something important about my relationship with them that I wasn't paying attention to. I would find myself pausing the recordings and writing the person a message, thanking them for their time, support and friendship.

I struggled to edit all of this material into anything at all. Everything I was doing seemed disjointed and each day the project felt even more pointless. I remember a really frustrating late night sitting at my desk alone, I looked at my monitor as I put my Mac Pro into sleep mode, "fuck this project".

One of the things I recorded during this time was the events that occurred the day my son Kaito was born, May 21 2017. Obviously this kind of thing makes you think about a lot of stuff. There's a lot I am processing as a new father. This then, naturally became the theme as I was editing this project. All of the elements started to fit together in some way.

The result is this audio story entitled, 'Parents'.

Thank yous:

Special thanks for feedback, encouragement, input on 'Parents':

My wife Sachi
Marco Patricio (sound design of "Vin, I'm pregnant")
Howie Cheung
Sandee Thomas
Alexandra Middleton
Robert Bolton (Arowbe)
Daniel Eckler
Matthew Singh
Natasha Singh
Ahmad Iqbal
Rob Mentov
Nikolai Efimov
Lindsay Craig
Sachin Monga
Braveen Kumar
Shavonne Hasfal-Mc Intosh
Daniel Patricio
Satish Kanwar
Amir Sagan
Seetoh Lang
Karuna Chopra

And others who continue to give me their time. Sry, If I missed you. I hope you enjoy it.