2017: Focus

2017 Spotlight projects:

  • project: everyday
  • project: apps
  • project: Tap
  • project: parents
  • founded and developed a self sustaining creative studio within Shopify

Current focus:

I am very excited about the intersection of the arts, entertainment and technology.

More specifically, I am exploring the applications of my creative process developed through filmmaking and other technical projects into the invention of new technologies that enable the creation or consumption of art and entertainment.

This year I have been studying:

  • augmented reality,
  • artificial intelligence,
  • audio applications (music, stories)
  • and the future of storytelling.

Advisory focus:

I like to work with technology companies and studios that are focused on inventing the future through visionary creative work.

I am currently advising and collaborating with:

Tap, Wattpad
Villain Film Co.

Past work:

In the past I have spent time founding startups, building creative teams within technology companies and making films. I've worked with Shopify, Wattpad, Microsoft and Google.

These are some of the film projects or series that I have worked on in the capacity of director, producer or executive producer: