project 100

I have become the subject of another experiment. This one is called, "project 100".

The purpose of this experiment is to observe what happens to a human who attempts to rap over 100 beats with no prior training.

Here are the rules:
  1. Every Friday I will release 1-4 tracks with some type vocal performance on it.
  2. Each track must include at least 1 verse (ideally 2 verses and a hook)
  3. Only tracks created during the week of release are valid. Tracks cannot be saved for future releases.
  1. It currently takes me 1 week to write and record vocals for a song. This worries me because at that rate this project will take me two years.
  2. Rapping over 100 beats when you suck at it and sharing that process in public is embarassing and frustrating to me. But the desire to learn from these experiments has surpassed the pain from most of my fears and holding on to my existing identity.