04 "flat"

Drifting away, I finally woke up
In front of the screen, waiting for my mac to load up
I program my mind like computer code does
colors, colors, film, software, design and architecture
Is your mind like this too?
Is this only my potential?
Driving down the freeway, call my dad on bluetooth
Dad, I don't like who I am.
He said, "Do you know who you are?"
Future's bouncing in mind
feels like everything's connected
personality's addictive
stay away from the Hendricks, you know
I'm at a point don't even care if this is good,
just trying to do the things that I don't think you would
What can you do with just the internet and a mac?
I guess pretty much anything, even if it's wack
iMessage comes in, what would you give up for success?
Absolutely obsessed since The Neptunes Presents..
What's the alternative?
What's the alternate ending?
This life is director's cut
Or I'd rather have nothing.


Phone call excerpt (vin's dad)