10 "unrelatable"

say I'm unrelatable, I think it's so sick
and I can't relate to you cause you don't take any risk
paranoid about my friends, some people are hit or miss
if ideas are currency man, I guess I'm filthy rich
hit the switch, never landing, no misunderstanding, vision is expanding,
keep investing til it's banging,
new iMessage from Los Angeles
"Why don't you book a flight?"
"You could leave at dinner and you'll be here tonight."
yeah I just might.
visions keep me up at night
cut some leeches out
tell myself it'll be alright
stick to aesthetic
and that's Tokyo at night
research and development
just pay to use my mind
"How much for the floor plans of global redesign?"
"Why you acting different?"
the old me just died
I know you think it's fake,
well maybe fake is what I like