2019: Focus

I am @internetVin, a multidisciplinary artist, technologist and entrepreneur. I fell into my current mix of projects through consistent organic experimentation, which started around the first time I used a personal computer as a child.

At the beginning of each year, I think about and write down my focus for the next 12 months (2017, 2018).

This then is my focus for 2019:

  1. Complete project Code (build something with code for 365 consecutive days)
  2. Complete project 100 (experimental Rap project)
  3. Run a marathon by the end of 2019
  4. Expand Futureland to at least 1,000 active HFO projects through creating transformative value for the people doing them [1]
  5. Log 1,460 hours of deep work in 2019 (deep work is a period of uninterrupted concentration)


In 2019 I will not be taking on any consulting work. Any monetary value in 2019 should be generated through my own pure and independent work.


I am deeply interested in how the role of cities are reconfiguring and evolving due to the adoption of new technologies and the transition to remote work. This interest will continue to inform my travelling in 2019.

Toronto: Jan 1 - Mar 31
TBD: Mar 31 - Dec 31

1. Adjusted from: "Expand Futureland to at least 1,000 inhabitants through creating transformative value for them" on Feb 10 2019