New projects on Futureland

Futureland is a new way to learn anything. It is a set of tools designed to help you learn a new skill by creating something every day for a year.

Today I am making it easier to start new projects on Futureland. Anyone can start one by visiting:

Web interface to start new Futureland projects

This means there will no longer be an early access invite queue and anyone can start a project. However, it is important to remember that Futureland is still in a very experimental state and there is a long road ahead in realizing its vision.

This update also means that users will be asked to support the development of Futureland by purchasing a support pack before they can begin a project. This does not apply to users from developing countries who can start Futureland projects for free. Also if you are in a situation where you want to start a project but cannot purchase a support pack right now - that's ok. Just email me and you can start your Futureland project for free. Maybe one day if your situation changes, you can contribute too.

What is it like working on a Futureland project?

Understanding how your mind can learn new skills by creating things every day is something that is best experienced by doing it yourself. But to begin to take you into that experience, here is an excerpt from a conversation with Alex, a musician on Futureland.

And a collection of Futureland profiles for you to explore:

Futureland apparel

When you contribute to the development of Futureland by purchasing the early or forever support packs, the packs include a limited long sleeve tee with the Futureland logo in 3M Reflective vinyl. A lot of care went into the creation of this item and it respresents Futureland's first experiment with street wear.

Seeing Futureland longsleeves for the first time