New experiments on Futureland

Futureland is a new way to learn anything by creating something every day. You can learn things like: software, music, filmmaking, architecture, robotics, projection mapping, yoga, visual art and more.

Futureland is a really useful way for me to develop new skills. I have used the process to teach myself how to make music and now how to code. But I have been wondering how I could use Futureland to complete other long term creative projects.

So I'm starting two new experiments on Futureland:

  1. Everything I eat
  2. Futureland on Kickstarter

Everything I eat

This project is an on-going feed of everything I eat. Before I eat something, I take a photo of it and publish to Futureland. I have heard that recording what you eat like this can improve your diet decisions because your continually reflecting on each decision. I'm curious to see what happens.

Early submissions to 'Everything I eat'

Futureland on Kickstarter

This project will document the process of launching a film on Kickstarter to raise funds for Futureland. Today I build Futureland entirely by myself. I use the tool, I do the research, I design the interfaces and I write the code.

A glimpse into experimentation with Code and Futureland this year

I care about this project so much and I have become curious about what could happen if a small talented team joined forces to work on Futureland together. We need more resources to do this and that's why I'll be making this film for Kickstarter. It will be interesting to see how the Internet responds. I'm sure we'll learn a lot from this experiment.

I really appreciate the support I have received from existing users. Projects on Futureland span many different disciplines and users are surpassing 200 consecutive days of output. They have started paying for Futureland as well. I will never be able to put my appreciation for these early users into words. They motivate me every day to keep working on this project.

Stay tuned.