Web publishing on Futureland

Futureland is a new way to learn anything by creating something every day. You can learn things like: software, music, filmmaking, architecture, robotics, projection mapping, yoga, visual art and more.

We're now starting to roll out updates that make it easier and more fun to push new outputs to your Futureland projects. It's also my last output in an experiment to see what would happen if I wrote some kind of code for 365 consecutive days.

It's surreal to be at this point. I started by tinkering with HTML and CSS and then gradually worked my way into Python, JavaScript and Swift. Thinking back, it's hard to internalize that I'm here and that I can code now. It's hard to believe that when I started this experiment, there was no "Futureland".

This launch represents the culmination of everything I learned both technically and spiritually during this experiment. A software developer named Lucas Fischer from Germany expressed interest in working on Futureland about 45 days ago. This launch also represents the beginning of our collaboration. Without his guidance and work on the front end, we would not be rolling this out right now. At the start of 2020, Lucas and I will be running a month long experiment in which we share a house in Toronto to understand how we might accelerate Futureland by working together.

Logging in to Futureland

Logging in on Futureland functions exactly as you might expect. There's a > icon at the top right of every interface. Clicking it reveals the options that you have available to you. In the case below, the user can login or register on Futureland.

Logging in to Futureland

Pushing to your Futureland projects

Every aspect of Futureland is a work in progress - there's so much thinking and experimentation that needs to be done. One thing we know for sure is that pushing  to your Futureland projects should be fun, easy and in the background. This 'push' functionality is something we'll always be trying to improve.

Once you login to Futureland you'll see a + icon in the top right corner. Clicking it will take you to an interface that you can use to push a new output to your project. Futureland as a whole supports audio, video and images but web publishing only supports images right now. Support for more formats is coming in the next few days.

Pushing outputs to a Futureland project

Enabling authentication for existing users

If you are an existing user, you can gain access to this new functionality by adding authentication to your Futureland account. If you visit futureland.tv/login and start typing in your email address, you will be given the option to 'reset your password'. Select this and follow the prompts.

Adding authentication as an existing user

Automatic publishing to Slack

If you have connected Slack to your Futureland project, your outputs will automatically be published to Slack when you use the new web interface.

Thank you

Lastly, I just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone who has supported me and this project in 2019. It has not been an easy year, but it's still been one of the best. I've made so many new friends through Futureland and it feels like just the beginning.