Improvements to Journals

We've made improvements to your Journal on Futureland, the place where you document the outputs of your Futureland projects. These improvements are simple, but they represent more clarity in how we are thinking about this. We've been asking things like, how important are aesthetics right now? How much is Futureland in the foreground? How much are we in the background? How do we be respectful of the creative process? What can we learn from the tools we love using? And what is Futureland? There's a lot we don't know.

To form a deeper understanding of what Futureland is, we need to create more of it. We need to focus on creating something useful for users and not get confused by things that might not matter right now. So we're committing to a simple design for now. All black, a sans-serif font and high fidelity interactions in the right places. The hope is to yield a tool that is functional, completely in the background and pleasurable to use. The focus should always be on your creations and not on Futureland. When we are wrong, we'll reflect and adjust.

Publishing videos to your Journal

The Journal currently supports text, images, video and audio. Over time we want to make it easier and more enjoyable to use the Journal to document the progress of your creative projects and share it with others (if you want).

Publishing audio to your Journal

There will be more experiments with this Journal concept for your projects over the next few days.

Publishing images to your Journal