Futureland profiles are evolving

About 5 days ago, I picked up a developer named Lucas Fischer from the airport in Toronto. It's been an interesting experience since then. It's as if in the last 5 days, we have built more of Futureland than I did all of last year. I'm having a lot of fun seeing each element come to life.

Today we're launching new Futureland Profiles. These Profiles are a way for anyone to see all of the things you are learning and making neatly sorted into Project Journals.

Here's my profile on Futureland:

Futureland profile: internetVin

You'll notice that Project Journals are displayed prominently. Each of them is gently cycling through your outputs to give you a sense of what they contain. As you hover over a Project Journal, you see the contents at an accelerated rate. We display your total number of Outputs at the top of your Profile and also display the number of outputs in each respective Project Journal. We're trying to keep the focus on what you're creating. Here's a few more profiles:  

Futureland profile: katherine
Futureland profile: alex

We hope you enjoy using these new profiles. We're rapidly processing and integrating any feedback we receive, so please share if you have any thoughts that might help us make this better.

Talk soon.