project Code

project Code is an experiment to see what happens when I attempt to make some kind of thing with code for 365 consecutive days.

My first experiment with this kind of high frequency output was through an experiment called Everyday, in which I made some kind of music for 365 consecutive days.

This is a list of everything I have created so far:

code 07 (Jan 7 2019), in development sketch of a Futureland profile
code 06 (Jan 6 2019), experimental website for project Everyday
code 05 (Jan 5 2019), a simple website teasing a mix
code 04 (Jan 4 2019) , a web based pomodoro app, remixed with
code 03 (Jan 3 2019), a website that pulls data about my deep work and shows it in table
code 02 (Jan 2 2019), a website that displays a random still from the film 2001 Space Odyssey
code 01 (Jan 1 2019), project Code basic website