2018: Focus

I am Vin or @internetVin. I'm a multidisciplinary artist, technologist and entrepreneur. I fell into my current mix of projects and experiences through consistent organic experimentation, which started around the first time I used a personal computer as a child.

I have practiced network design and administration, software development, filmmaking, animation, music and I have founded and developed my own creative studios on several occasions. My experimentation continues to take me towards new disciplines, projects and experiences.

I think about and write down my focus for each year (2017). This writing attempts to communicate my focus for 2018 and capture some of the key works throughout the year.

2018 Spotlight projects:

Current focus:

After reviewing my work from last year, I have decided to separate my focuses for 2018 into two categories: research and application.

  1. How does Earth (humanity) function as an interconnected system?
  2. What are our planet's most imperative problems and why?

Sharpened research focus on April 25, 2018:

  1. How does Toronto function as an interconnected system?
  2. What are the most important things for Toronto to be working on and why?
  1. Complete 365 days of everyday
  2. Expand my creative practice into the development of new apps, video games and robotics.
  3. Launching project_float, a float center and deep work space in Toronto. (end of year)

Advisory / Consulting focus:

Outside of my own projects, I like to work with technology companies and creative studios that are focused on inventing the future through visionary creative work.

This year I am interested in taking on 1-3 collaborations. Specifically ones that focus on the intersection of filmmaking (video production / animation) and the creation of software.

If you want to feel out if something makes sense, the best starting point is likely a coffee or a walk, @internetvin


In 2017, I started to put more energy into acquiring a global perspective. My home base is the beautiful City of Toronto, although I spend extended periods in other cities on Earth for research purposes.

  • Mexico City: Jan 22 - Mar 6
  • Toronto: Mar 7 - Mar 26
  • Tokyo: Mar 27 - May 15
  • Toronto: May 15 - Dec 31