Futureland: Alpha

Futureland is a new way to learn anything. It is a set of tools designed to help you learn a new skill by creating something every day for a year.

What is Futureland: Alpha?

Futureland: Alpha consists of a community of creative self learners, a clean profile to track and display your projects and a file management system to store your projects and download them whenever you want.

The word Alpha is meant to communicate that this is my first draft of Futureland. Only core components have been built so far, but Futureland: Alpha is still a very effective way of learning new skills.

Projects on Futureland

A Futureland project can be anything from creating a robot, a film, a song, a 3D model, a yoga pose or an app each day.

You must complete and publish your output before sleeping for the day. It is OK to share "mediocre work", actually this is encouraged as it begins to change your psychological relationship with your work. Making mediocre things is a very important part of learning anything new.

Starting your own project on Futureland

As of October 2019, I have opened access so that anyone can start a project on Futureland. To start your own project, visit: https://hfo.futureland.tv/new

Support Futureland's development with support packs

Before you can begin, you will be asked to support the development of Futureland by purchasing a support pack which can include unique perks and apparel. This does not apply to users from developing countries who can start Futureland projects for free. Also if you are in a situation where you want to start a project but cannot purchase a support pack right now - that's OK. Just email me and you can start your Futureland project for free. Maybe one day if your situation changes, you can contribute too.

What's it like working on a Futureland project?

Understanding how your mind can learn new skills by creating things every day is something that is best experienced by doing it yourself. But to begin to take you into that experience, here is an excerpt from a conversation with Alex, a musician on Futureland.

And here is a collection of Futureland profiles for you to explore:

Built on Slack (for now)

Futureland uses Slack as a way to chat and share you work with other users. It also acts an interface to update your Futureland profile. All of this is handled using a bot I created called Otis.

Building on top of Slack allows Futureland to provide more value to users without having to independently build every component of its experience. Then through interacting with our users over time I can focus on building only what I know will have a transformative impact on the experience.

Publishing an entry to your profile

Publishing an entry to your profile is very easy using a bot named Otis. Otis serves as the connection between Slack and Futureland. To publish to your profile, just message Otis from desktop or mobile with the file of your entry and that's it. It's on your profile.

A simple video explaining Otis

Otis will then share your entry with the rest of the users in Futureland and ask you if you want to add any notes to your entry. Futureland: Alpha currently supports .jpg, .png, .mp4, .mp3. and .wav formats.