Futureland FAQ

This is an array of frequently asked questions about Futureland. »


Otis is a robot I created for Futureland: Alpha. It helps you keep track of your project, publish outputs to your Futureland profile, share them with »

Self-Disciplines of Buckminster Fuller

This is an attempt at constructing a simple list of Buckminster Fuller's values for myself by synthesizing the chapter, "Self-Disciplines of Buckminster Fuller" out of his book titled, "Critical Path". This book had a profound impact on how I view my work. »

2018: Review

This writing is a personal reflection of my work and perspectives in 2018. My experimentation this year explored music production, rap, filmmaking, software development, new startups, research, travel and sleep. Some of them were successes and some of them were failures. »

project 100

The purpose of this experiment is to observe what happens to a human who attempts to rap over 100 beats with no prior training. »