project: apps

On November 17th 2017, I started an experiment to try and regularly develop concepts for applications of new technologies. I started this because I love technology and its ability to expand human capacities.

Below are the various concepts I have developed. I try to complete one every week, or so.

Desk (app concept 06)

Desk is like Airbnb but for coworking. It helps you find a cool space to work anywhere in the world. You can also rent out any kind of place as a co-working space in minutes.

Status: concept completed, potential development
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Fade (app concept 05)

Fade is an application that enables any user to broadcast to the Internet as you write and add other rich media. Every post is permanently deleted after 24 hours.

Status: concept completed

Min (app concept 04)

Min is an email application that exists at the intersection of productivity and spirtuality.

It limits users to sending only 10 emails a day, although archiving and deleting is unlimited. After an email is sent, the application attempts to remind the user that their time on this planet is unlimited.

Status: concept completed

Genius x Spotify music player (app concept 03)

Expanding on app concept 02, I applied some of the thinking into an application that acts as a collaboration between Genius and Spotify. Any Spotify user can search for a song to listen to, play it and then at any point tap the 'Genius' button for interesting information about what you are listening to.

Status: concept completed

#project_everyday music app (app concept 02)

This concept is for an application that extends the experience of #project_everyday.

Tap the heart, a random song plays from the project. Tap my pic and I make specific comments about what you are listening to.

Status: concept completed

Time (app concept 01)

This is a concept for a pomodoro app called 'Time'. I have been using the pomodoro technique for quite a few years. I have tried many different apps but none of them work quite right for me.

The app allows you to set a pomodoro timer, tells you went to take a break and shows you how many pomodoros your friends have completed this week.

Status: concept completed